Address: Grostølveien 4E, 4634 Kristiansand, Norway

  • Church exterior
  • Organ (photo: Ian Richards)
  • Interior view of organ: Vox Humana at front, Cornet at top right; Praestant behind. (photo: Ian Richards)
  • Sordun 16ft, Trompet 2ft and Gedektbas 8ft, Ciss/C# side. (photo: Ian Richards)
Justvik kirke (Justvik church) is a church from 1996 in the town of Justvik (near to Kristiansand), Vest-Agder, built in yellow brick. Justvik Church is a church in the parish of Oddernes, and the vicar is shared with Odderness kirke.

Current organEdit

Builder: Orgelmakerij Reil (NL) - [year unknown]

Division Stop Name Length (ft)
I Holpijp B/D 8
Praestant D 4
Fluit 4
Octaaf 2
II Quintadeen B/D 8
Fluit (trans.) 4
Fluit 2
Cornet B/D (II)
Vox Humana B/D 8


Sordun 16
Gedektbas 8
Trompet 2


II-I, I-Ped, II-Ped

Other notesEdit

Unequal temperament (Werckmeister III)

Lowest octave of Gedektbas on transmission from Holpijp

II-I shove-coupler

It was originally at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen and was moved to Justvik church in November 2000. The organ is privately owned.

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